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Opinion: Society is Rebranding Red Hair and We Don’t Know What To Think

Where'd the Term "Redhead" Go?

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Cowboy Copper, Apple Cider Copper, Cinnamon Cookie Butter, Ice Spice Red, and Cherry Cola.

No, these aren’t nail polishes or crayon colors. They are a few of the different shade names created for those who dye their hair red. Since 2022, red hair has been trending season after season, but no-one is calling it “red hair”, “redhead” or the ever-controversial term “ginger”. Instead, they’re exchanging it for more trendy terms. Why? 

Celebrities and influencers are going red and the word “copper” seems to be the most popular term used. But, at the end of the day, isn’t it just red? Is this bad or good for the redhead community?

There are a lot of questions, and we have a few ideas why this is happening.

First, we think the rebrand is happening because many redheads and gingers have been bullied and there’s a negative connotation with having red hair. Many new ‘redheads by choice’ are choosing to distance themselves from red hair in hopes of keeping negativity (teasing, name-calling — you name it) at bay. It’s our first thought.

Or, it also may be because (and many natural redheads would agree) there’s a difference between having red hair and being a redhead. Maybe the rebrand is a sign of respect for natural redheads.

Since we always try to turn everything into a positive, we’d like to believe this is simply a nod of honor to the redhead community. And, let’s not forget that red hair trending is a definite upside for the natural redhead community. As a result, red hair is more normalized, redhead beauty products are on the market more than every before, and it’s fun to witness redheads having a moment.

Natural redheads, we should be happy that the color we’ve all rocked our entire lives is finally *the* color to have — and we didn’t even need to step foot in the salon.

What do you think? Should faux redheads call themselves redheads or are you enjoying the new names they’re creating for their dyed red hair? 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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