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Geri Halliwell: Brunette Babe Turned Redhead Icon + Author

Ginger Spice Talks Prince Harry and Her New Book!

The Beckham’s have been everywhere lately. Victoria Beckham hosted a celeb-worthy fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, David Beckham’s Netflix documentary, Beckham, has received great reviews and his Inter Miami soccer league is receiving world-wide attention after winning the Leagues Cup final. If there are two words that seem to come up at Victoria’s fashion shows, Netflix docs, or by soccer commentators, it is: Spice Girls.

We think it’s time to highlight another Spice Girl. Let’s talk about redhead icon, Geri Halliwell. She is world famous for her role as “Ginger Spice” in the 1990’s girl group. But, she hasn’t always had flaming red locks. Halliwell was born a brunette, went blonde and red many times since, but returned to red in 2019. It seems like it’s here to stay because she doesn’t just rock the red, she really embraces all it is to be ginger. 

In a recent interview with Andy Cohen, she recalled meeting another famous UK-born redhead, Prince Harry. The prince was just 13 when he met the group in 1997 and connected with Halliwell’s redhead persona. She reflected on the moment saying, “I think when you’re in any kind of [way] different slightly, you’re in your own lane, you have to find your own voice,” she explained. And, as many of us know, Prince Harry has found his own voice, and Halliwell too. 

It is no surprise she made the main character in her new book a redhead. The title is Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen and is described as “a sweeping adventure filled with a hidden island, family secrets, shocking betrayals, amazing music, and girl power.” The story follows an orphan named Rosie who attends a school for extraordinary teens. 

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In an interview with The Messanger, Halliwell is asked if Rosie is a “cheeky nod” to Ginger Spice as well as how she feels about redheads being excluded from literature and other forms of media. Halliwell answers with the following: “You know, being a redhead is actually very interesting because you’re in your own lane. 20 years ago, you could have maybe been marginalized for it! But, actually, if you look at the greatest heroes of our time — Annie, Queen Elizabeth the First, Merida from Brave, Ariel — it goes on. All redheads! Sure, there’s a stereotype or two about being a redhead, but honestly, you just have to list out our heroes and then get on with it.”

This isn’t Halliwell’s first book. She actually authored a series of children’s books called Ugenia Lavender about a thoughtful, brave, sassy kid with tons of energy and attitude who leaps into adventure after adventure. As you can see, that character was a redhead too. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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