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11 Kid Books With Strong Redhead Female Leads For National Book Month

Show Your Kids Redhead Representation!

January is National Book Month! We love books with strong redhead characters because we think it’s important for everyone to see themselves portrayed in the media. If you have a redhead child or maybe you’re a redhead yourself who wants your kids to see someone with red hair portrayed in books, we’ve got a list for you: 

1. Anne of Green Gables

The cherished favorite featuring everyone’s favorite redheaded orphan. It’s now available in a deluxe hardcover edition with beautiful cover illustrations.


2. Pippi Longstocking

The beloved story of a spunky young redhead girl and her hilarious escapades.


3. Freckleface Strawberry Series

From acclaimed actress Julianne Moore and award-winning illustrator LeUyen Pham comes a delightful story of a little redhead girl who’s different because of her freckles. But, it shows she is just like everyone else!


4. My Naughty Little Sister Series

An enchanting collection of stories about the most famous little redhead sister in the world.


5. Little Redhead, Did You Know?

A children’s rhyme book for redheads!


6. The Girl With Flaming Red Hair 

Meet Rosie Red, the girl with the flaming red hair as she skips, hopidy, hops through her fun-filled life. Every day is just one big adventure after another!


7. Madeline Series

Some might say Madeline is one of the most popular redhead characters of all time! Nothing frightens Madeline—not tigers, not even mice. With its endearing, courageous heroine, cheerful humor, and wonderful, whimsical drawings of Paris, the Madeline stories are true classics that continue to charm readers, even after 75 years!


8. The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School

Zoe Fleefenbacher has one blue eye and one green eye and bright red hair that goes on…forever. Her hair has always been unruly, but now she is in first grade and according to her teacher, Ms. Trisk, “first grade has rules.” It takes countless barrettes and scrunchies to finally hold Zoe’s hair. But when it can help with an uncooperative science lesson, will Ms. Trisk let Zoe’s hair free?


9. I Don’t Want Curly Hair

A hilarious tale about loving what we have. And hair, lots and lots of red hair.


10. Mop Top

Moppy is a five-year-old redhead boy who knows one thing: He does not want to get his hair cut. But when Moppy is mistaken for an actual mop at the grocery store, he realizes he’s got to face the barber.


11. Olivia’s Red Hair

In this fun scavenger hunt book, the main character Olivia has hair that is different from everyone else. Follow along as she learns to love her hair by searching for everything around her that is red like her hair!


Rock it like a Redhead!