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7 More Group Halloween Costumes for Redheads in 2022

We've Got Even More Inspo for You!

Looking for even more group Halloween costume ideas for redheads? For groups large and small, here are even more group costumes that feature a redhead or a costume fit for a redhead: 

1. Drink Flavors

Dress up like different flavors of your favorite drink! A few options include La Croix, Fanta, Olipop, and White Claw.

Redhead Costume: Any flavor that comes in an orange or red can/bottle | For Group Size: 3+

2. Crayons

Another easy costume for large groups is crayons. There are infinite colors to choose from so get creative. 

Redhead Costume: Orange or Red | For Group Size: 3+

3. Stranger Things

This is sure to be a hot costume this year, so why not make it a group event? Perfect for groups of any size because you can just keep adding characters, Demogorgon, or even just Hellfire Club Members. 

Redhead Costume: Max or Barb | For Group Size: 3+

4. Harry Potter

Another great pop culture costume with endless options is Harry Potter. Dress up as the core characters, or add on Hogwarts students if your group is big. 

Redhead Costume: Any Weasley | For Group Size: 3+

5. Black Widow / Marvel

This is the perfect costume for superhero lovers. Add on characters from the Black Widow movie or branch out and dress as a whole group from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Redhead Costume: Black Widow | For Group Size: 4-8

6. Spice Girls

Tell me what you want…it’s a great group costume for the girls! Grab your favorite Spice Girls looks and hit the town on Halloween night.

Redhead Costume: Ginger Spice | For Group Size: 5

7. Powerpuff Girls

Perfect for groups of 3 girls, or you can add in Mojo Jojo and Professor Utonium for a group of 5.

Redhead Costume: Blossom | For Group Size: 3-5


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Rock it like a Redhead!