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Popular Redhead Character Halloween Costume Ideas

Thinking of dressing up as a redhead character this Halloween? Turn to these easy steps to create a DIY look.

Poison Ivy: Grab a green dress, tights and glittered green makeup. Lock in the look with a bright bold lip and wavy red locks.

Jessica Rabbit: All you really need for this look is a long red dress and elbow length purple gloves. Finish it off with a bright lip, purple eyeshadow and silky curly hair.

Wilma Flintstone: An easy-to-do costume at home. Slip on a white cotton dress and set of pearls. Switch it up and wear your hair in a messy bun with a bright pink lip.

Little Red Riding Hood: A cape is needed to accomplish this look. Once you have that, you can make this costume your own — just don’t forget your basket full of goodies!

Wendy: Can’t find a white dress that looks similar to Wendy? Pair a white chiffon blouse and skirt together to make it look like a dress. Create a ponytail look with blue ribbon at the ends.

article_Graphics_HALLOWEEN_COSTUMES_3Rock it like a Redhead!