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Redhead Makeup: How to Make Your Halloween Makeup Last All Night

Keep Your Makeup Looking Flawless

Creating the perfect Halloween redhead makeup look can take lots of patience and hard work, so don’t let it just melt away. Here are some tips and tricks to get your look to stay all night long: 

1. Hydrate your skin

Hydrated skin will hold your makeup longer. Make sure to use an all-over moisturizer as well as an eye cream and moisturizing lip balm to get a good foundation for your products to sit on.

2. Use primers everywhere

Using face primer, eyelid primer and even lip primer will help you to have a solid base for your look. Opt for something that’s long-lasting and gives you a smooth finish. 

3. Try stage makeup

If you’re doing a full painted look, try using stage makeup. It’s meant to stay for hours without running, melting, or cracking. Plus it will be more gentle on your skin than some face paints.

4. Use waterproof and long-wear makeup

For things like mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and eyebrow products, be sure to opt for waterproof and long-wear versions of your favorite products. Not sure if something will hold up all night? Try it out a couple of days before and see how it wears.

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5. Build coverage

Halloween looks are usually much more dramatic and defined than regular makeup, so be sure to build coverage and exaggerate your look so it doesn’t wear off as easily. Layering cream products with powder products can give you a longer-lasting look for things like blush and contour.

6. Finish the look

Be sure to set your makeup with some sort of finishing powder or spray when you’re done to really lock in the look.


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