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How Do Redheads Feel About the Term “Ginger”?

We polled our Instagram audience and this is what they said:

The term “ginger” has been used to describe people with red hair for years. It was often used as a derogatory term, but in more recent years, redheads have been taking the word back. We’re now referring to ourselves as ginger goddesses, but not all redheads feel the same way about the term. 

We posted a video recently on our Instagram and asked how other redheads felt about the term. Here are some of the responses we received: 

Some redheads think it’s a much better nickname compared to some they have been called…

  • “It’s far superior to carrot top which I was called as a kid” – @traciew321
  • “I think “Ginger” is a cute term! ???? I hate ‘carrot top’ though” – @kristinscb
  • “I don’t mind ginger but I loathe being called carrot top” – @jennnncve

While others really enjoy the term…

  • “I love being a ginger and the term! ????” – @mrsdionnepope
  • “I like the term ginger. I think it’s cute and it’s never been used in a derogatory way unlike lots of other names.” – @_keketaylor_
  • “I have no problem being called ginger…. Ginger is Fiery and delicious ????” – @dollymix31
  • “i love it. makes me feel like ginger spice ????‍????????✌???? #spiceupyourlife” – @lemonietree
  • “I love the term ginger!!! ????” – @rikkewinkel

And of course, there are those who downright hate it…

  • “I HATE the word ‘ginger’ it has such a negative association for me. I was very lucky (if that’s the word) to never be the victim of bullying, but something about the word makes me shiver.” – @cjaerts
  • “Absolutely hate and despise it.” – @jacintae_w
  • “Hate it, dont like being called Red either” – sjlaroux
  • “Hate it, gives me flashbacks to bullies in school” – @char_char_gabor

How do you feel about the term “ginger”? 

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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