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Podcast S5 EP29: Discussing Redhead Bullying in the UK with Stephanie Cheape

October is Bullying Awareness Month and this singer/songwriter is here to talk about the topic...

Stephanie Cheape

Unfortunately, bullying is something many redheads experience over the course of their lives. October is Bullying Awareness Month and we couldn’t think of a better guest to discuss bullying, and what her experience was like growing up with red hair in Scotland.

Stephanie “Steph” Cheape is a natural redhead + singer/songwriter from Scotland. She has 300K followers on TikTok where she posts about Scottish culture, her music, and of course, life as a redhead. Follow her on TikTok

Questions Adrienne + Stephanie ask Steph:

  1. What was it like for you growing up as a redhead?
  2. It seems like there is a stigma in the UK surrounding red hair. Do you think this is true? And if so, why the cultural difference?
  3. Is there anything, you believe, we can do better to stop the UK stigma of redheads? Do you think it will ever stop?
  4. We know you wear our Finally Have Lashes mascara in Perfectly Auburn! We have more shades coming out this winter. Do you feel like redhead makeup has helped you embrace your red hair even more? If a redhead beauty line were more readily available in the UK, do you think it would help the redhead stigma?
  5. You’ve commented that TikTok users tend to be nicer than Instagram users. Do you think this has to do with a younger, more accepting generation? Do you feel like users are more accepting of your red hair on TikTok than Instagram?
  6. You share fun facts about redheads on social media. What’s your favorite fun fact you like to pull out?
  7. We know you’re a musician! Tell us about your music career, how it’s going + what’s next for you professionally. Any projects you can tell us about?

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