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Podcast S5 EP27: Comedy & Curly Red Hair with Mary Patterson Broome

What's Life Like as a Redhead Comedian?

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Season 5 of the How to be a Redhead podcast is coming to an end — only 5 episodes left! We’re ending the season on National #LoveYourRedHairDay (celebrated on November 5) weekend on Friday, November 3rd.

You guessed it right, we’re getting excited + ready for Season 6 to start at the beginning of 2024. More to come! Until then, we’re having some of our favorite conversations to conclude this *amazing* season.

Redheads (and everyone else), welcome Mary Patterson Broome. She is a writer and comedian currently writing and performing in sketches and other comedic content for the multimedia platform It’s a Southern Thing. She has done stand-up at clubs, colleges, casinos, military bases, and plenty of other random rooms with microphones, for over 15 years.

She appeared on Hulu’s Comedy Dynamics: Uncontrolled Comedy and was a staff writer for WE TV’s Sex Box and AOL Originals’ Making a Scene with James Franco. Broome has also been a contributor to The Lily, a division of The Washington Post, and Women’s Health Magazine.

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We asked Mary what her experience was like growing up as a redhead, and what life was like as a redhead living in different places. Mary has lived in Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, LA, and even Spain. She even shared how her red hair handles the humidity in the South after a long stint in LA.

We talked about how redheads are well-represented in the world of comedy. And Mary gave her take on why she thinks that is. Speaking of comedy, we mention a sketch Mary did on Instagram about how curly hair naturally falls into a triangle shape when it’s down. This led to some curly hair recommendations from Mary. 

We talked about some of her other work like It’s a Southern Thing, as well as her personal life with a new baby. We also touched on how her red hair has made her stand out in the entertainment industry.

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