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5 Beauty Myths Redheads Can Bust This Year

Redheads Can Rock Anything!

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Redhead beauty myths have put redheads into arbitrary boxes for too long. This year, let’s bust some of those myths and show the world that redheads can rock anything! Here are some common redhead beauty myths we plan to bust wide open in 2024: 

1. Redheads CAN Wear Red Lipstick

For so long redheads have been told to stay away from wearing red, and this included a red lip. Red was said to clash with our red hair and was deemed unflattering. We LOVE a red lip and rocking red! Wearing a red lip is all about confidence and finding the right shade of red for you. 

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2. Redheads DO Have Eyebrows

People love to joke that redheads don’t have eyebrows, but we do! Most of us have very light eyebrows and while they may look invisible, they are there. Finally Have Brows® helps redheads define their brows with a universal red shade that’s natural and flattering. Show the world you do have brows.


3. Redheads CAN Rock a Nude Lip

Fair-skinned people, aka some redheads, can’t wear a nude lip? Wrong! Finding the perfect nude lip might take us a little longer but we absolutely can rock a nude lip, and should. Nude lipstick is a beauty staple, and not one redheads need to forgo. 

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4. Redheads DON’T All Have the Same Undertones

If you look up redhead beauty do’s and don’ts from the last 10 years, there’s a common theme. Do use yellow undertone makeup, and don’t wear pink blush/lipstick. This implies that all redheads have cool-toned skin, but that’s not the case. Redheads come in all complexions and you have to find the right products for your undertones because all redheads are unique.

5. Redheads DON’T Have to Settle for Bad Mascara

For years redheads rocked black mascara like it was going out of style. It was believed that because we have light lashes we needed that extra dark color to make them stand out. Eventually, we embraced brown, but there was never anything right for us. Now with Finally Have Lashes® Redheads can rock black, brown, or a natural auburn shade on their lashes. Finally, mascara has been made for us and we don’t have to settle.


Finally Have Lashes Update:

Finally Have Lashes® is new & improved! Introducing the new Finally Have Lashes Enhancing Redhead Mascara in shades Perfectly Auburn + Perfectly Brown. It has a new brush, updated formula + new technology to curl, lift & lengthen lashes with a sensitive-friendly formula. Perfectly Plum + Perfectly Brow drop in Spring 2024.


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