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Why Do Freckles Come Out in the Sun?

This is also what redheads call being "tan" ????

Ever wonder why freckles appear and become more prominent in the sunny months? 

Freckles appear when melanin builds under the skin. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its color. The more melanin in your body, the darker your skin will be.

Some people are more genetically inclined to get freckles. This has to do with the two types of melanin that the body produces. Those with darker hair, skin, and eyes usually produce eumelanin, which means they are less likely to develop freckles. Those with lighter skin and blonde, red, or light brown hair usually produce pheomelanin which makes them more likely to develop freckles. 

The human body produces melanin to protect your skin from the sun. That’s why people tan when they are in the sun. That’s also why freckles tend to appear or be more prominent after sun exposure. Think of this process as your skin’s attempt to protect itself from further sun damage. This is why freckles often fade in the winter, then darken in the summer, when there’s more sunlight.

So that’s why your freckles might come out during the summer months and fade during the winter months. Freckles are unique and not harmful to the body, however, increased sun exposure is harmful to the body, so be sure to wear your SPF, cover-up and visit your dermatologist for skin checks!

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