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Photographer Captures the Beauty of Freckles in All Their Glory

Truly stunning!

If you Google “freckles”, you will see tons of results on how to get rid of freckles or how to hide them with makeup. Most redheads have freckles and although some of us went through a time when we hated our freckles, you eventually learn freckles are as much a part of you as your red hair.

If you’re among the lucky redheads who has a freckle or two (or ten or thousands), why in the world would you want to hide them?

Photographer Mark Elzey photographed natural redhead model, Paola Ortiz. Elzey told How to be a Redhead, “I love photographing gingers and people with tons of freckles.”

And, we love to marvel at the photos! Although freckles aren’t limited exclusively to redheads, it is fair to say that many redheads get the lion’s share of freckles – and natural redheads made up about 2-3% percent of the total world population. So if you not only have freckles but you’re also a natural redhead, then you’re pretty special, indeed. A ruby in the ruff.

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Scroll to view Mark Elzey’s  photography and let’s celebrate freckles and red hair:

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