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6 Ways Redheads Can Find The Correct Foundation at a Drugstore

Picking drugstore foundation has never been easier, crimson beauties!

The hardest part about shopping for a redhead-approved drugstore foundation is testing it to make sure it’s a good match. As redheads, we usually have limited color options as it is, so finding the perfect shade can be even tougher. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you find the perfect shade at the drugstore. 

1. Know your undertones

Most foundations are classified based on two things, color, and undertone. Knowing your undertones will help you to narrow it down and avoid having the foundation look too warm or cool on your face. You can determine your undertones by taking a quiz online or just looking at your veins. Blue/purple veins mean you’re more cool-toned, green/green-blue veins mean you’re warm-toned. If your veins look somewhere in the middle or you can’t tell, you might be neutral-toned. 

2. Know your skin type

Skin type isn’t directly correlated with skin color, but it will help you pick a good foundation. Knowing if you’re oily or dry or acne-prone will help you narrow down the foundations that will work for you. There’s nothing worse than picking the proper shade and the formula just doesn’t work for your skin. 

3. Compare to your face and neck

People used to say you should compare foundation to the inside of your wrist, but most makeup artists suggest you compare it to your face and neck without makeup on. Your arms, hands, and wrists may be lighter or darker than your face and it just makes the most sense to compare to where you’ll actually be wearing it. Bring a mirror or a friend to help you with the comparison. 

4. Do some research online 

A great way to prepare yourself is to do some research online before you go. Once you’re in the store under fluorescent lights, everything can get muddled and confusing. Watching videos from people with similar skin tones, looking at swatches, and reading out color profiles can help you narrow it down. Then you can make sure your drugstore has what you’re looking for before you shop and you can go an idea of what you want already in mind. 

5. When in doubt go lighter

At the end of the day, the only way to ensure a perfect match is to get color matched or try a tester. So if you’re in doubt about your perfect shade or you’re between two shades, go with the lighter one. Most redheads are pretty fair-skinned and wear the lightest shades anyways, plus you can always warm it up by mixing in a little bit of a darker shade or using bronzer

6. Purchase more than one shade

Buy more than one shade if you’re torn between 2-3 shades and the price of the foundation is reasonable. You can then choose to cocktail the foundation at home with the different shades to mix the shade that’s right for you.

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