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5 Other Areas Redheads Can Apply Concealer Other Than Under The Eyes

Lighten and Brighten Your Face!

Concealer isn’t just meant for covering under eye bags and dark circles. Concealers can help to elevate your redhead makeup look and give you the coverage you want. Here are 5 of our favorite ways to use concealer that isn’t under your eyes:

1. Eyelids

Purpose: It will work as a primer/base

Concealer is perfect for priming your eyelids before using eyeshadow. You can help create a nice even base color before going in with your shadows. This will help the shadow last longer and help it look more pigmented. 

2. Browbone

Purpose: It will highlight

Make your brows pop by adding some concealer at the brow bone just under the eyebrow. This will help to sculpt your brows and highlight your face. 

3. Blemishes

Purpose: To cover

You probably already know this one, but concealer is perfect for spot covering blemishes and red spots. You can use concealer to spot cover with or without foundation which means you can cover those pesky pimples without wearing a full face. 

4. Nose/Forehead

Purpose: Brighten

Brighten your face by applying concealer to the bridge of the nose and center of the forehead. It will help to bring life to your face and add dimension! 

5. Trouble spots

Purpose: Show off freckles 

Most redheads have beautiful freckles, and applying foundation can cover them. Apply a small amount of concealer to your trouble spots and blend for a light “no makeup” look that shows off your freckles but still gives you coverage in the areas you need it. 


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