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Instagram Accounts Highlight The Beautiful Diversity Of Redheads

Not all redheads are Irish!

Every redhead has walked into a room and is the only one with red hair. When your hair color makes up less than 2% of the population, it’s bound to happen. But even though redheads are less than 2%, that’s still over 100 million people who have red hair! 

If you live in North America, you’re far less likely to see other redheads than you are living in parts of Europe and the UK. The largest concentrations of redheads are found in the not-so-surprising places like Ireland and Scotland. 

Redheads can be found in almost every country and there are redheads apart of every nationality in the world. 

Scottish photographer Kieran Dodds set out on a mission to capture photographs of people with red hair from all over the world. In an article written up by BBC Scotland, Dodd’s photos showcase redheads from unexpected places like Jamaica and Israel, and also expected places like Scotland and Russia. Because of photographers like Dodds, many Instagram accounts are being created to feature redheads all around the globe. 

The Instagram account @global.redheads showcases redheads from many different backgrounds and ethnicities. Take a look: 

Rock it like a Redhead!