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Billie Eilish’s Mom + Brother Are Natural Redheads: Does This Mean She Has The Redhead Gene?

Lots of people carry the redhead gene but don’t have red hair themselves

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We talked recently about how Billie Eilish was secretly a redhead for a week and how amazing the color looked on her. Well, it’s no surprise because Billie actually comes from a family of natural redheads. 



We know her as “Billie” or “Billie Eilish”, but her real name is: Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell. Wow, what a mouthful. Now we know why she stuck with Billie Eilish for short.

She is of Irish and Scottish descent, so it makes sense she would have some redheads in her family. Billie’s mom, Maggie Baird, is a natural redhead as well as her brother, Finneas O’Connell. Billie’s dad, Patrick O’Connell, has gray hair now, but you can see traces of red in his beard and mustache so he may have had red hair at one point. While all four members of the family were born in the US, Eilish has told interviewers she was brought up hearing of her Irish and Scottish descent. 

The Irish Post did a piece on Billie back in 2021 after the 62nd GRAMMY Awards. In the piece, they claim Eilish chose her middle name as her stage name as a nod to her Irish roots because the two sound similar. Eilish has not confirmed this, but it would be pretty cool! The piece goes on to claim Eilish herself is a redhead, but we’ve seen some photos and we think you would call her color strawberry blonde or just blonde.

But, the question arises: does Billie carry the redhead gene? 

Most redheads have a gene mutation called MC1R. This type of gene must be carried by both parents in order for a child to potentially be born with red hair. We know both of Billie’s parents have the redhead gene because her brother, Finneas, is a natural redhead.

Lots of people carry the redhead gene but don’t have red hair themselves, and this might be the case with Billie’s DNA. This is often why we see red hair skipping a generation or even multiple generations too.

Many years from now, it’s possible Billie can have a redhead child if her partner has the redhead gene too.

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