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7 Ways Redheads Can Use Rose Water in Their Beauty Routine

It's all over TikTok. But is it right for your redhead skin?

Rose water has been a popular beauty treatment for years, usually being used on the skin to hydrate and refresh. Rose water spray was even popular as a form of setting spray for some time. According to some holistic doctors and even one celebrity facialist, rose water can help with inflammation, acne, rosacea, eczema, bloating, fluid retention, constipation, and sore throats. It can also help to improve digestion and may even have a positive impact on your hair and scalp.

There are so many ways to use it and we’re breaking down the best ways we love redhead skin to benefit from rose water’s amazing properties: 

1. Drink it* 

Now there’s a new way to use rose water, and it’s probably not what you would expect. That’s right, people are drinking it. Now before you say it’s not for you, check out some of the potential benefits. 

2. Use as a toner 

Rose water has antibacterial properties and the rosewater will soothe irritated, acne-prone skin. Pour or spritz some on a cotton pad and sweep it across your face, and your skin will feel soothed immediately.

3. Refresh your makeup 

A few spritzes can be used to prep skin for makeup, and even to freshen makeup after a long day of work.

4. Reduce redness 

Redheads suffer with redness and rose water can usually work really well. Rose water is also an anti-inflammatory, so it can help with redness, acne and irritation.

5. Refresh your red hair 

Add two tablespoons of rose water to a cup of water, then pour it through your strands after shampooing and conditioning for a DIY hair rinse. Use together with Finally Glossy for even better results.

6. Sooth razor burn 

Did you know many redheads are allergic to nickel? So, many of us suffer from razor burn and rose water can instantly sooth the skin. If you’re looking for a quick solution for calming razor burns, pour rose water on a soft cotton pad, then sweep it over the irritated area.

7. Elevate your face mask

If you’re an H2BAR Box subscriber, you may know we love a sheet mask. Elevate it with a rose spray. Simply spray the rose water on the face, then apply the sheet mask to the skin. To elevate it further, refrigerate the rose water + the sheet mask and apply to the skin for a super refreshing feeling.

How to make your own rose water: 

You can make your own rose water at home by removing the petals from a fresh rose and cleaning them. You can then put them into a jar of water and let them steep in the sun for anywhere from 6-10 hours. Drinking one glass per day will give you all the benefits. 

Full instructions:

  • Fill a pot with fresh rose petals and cover them with distilled water.
  • The water should only just cover the rose petals. Too much water and your rose oil will be very diluted.
  • Cover the pot, turn heat to low and slowly bring it to a boil.
  • Turn off heat, keep cover on and let the water come to room temperature.
  • Once at room temperature, strain out petals and pour into a clean, sanitized bottle.

If you’re wanting to purchase a rose water, these are some of our redhead-approved favs:

Leven Rose Rose Water

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rose Water

Heritage Store Rose Water

Teddie Organics Rose Water

*It’s important to note that you should consult a doctor before ingesting anything, and there’s no solid proof that rose water will have any impact when ingested.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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