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Does The Rosemary-Water-Rinse Work For Redheads?

Is This TikTok Hair Growth Hack Worth It?

The online beauty community, specifically TikTok, has been touting rosemary water for hair growth. The videos show people boiling fresh rosemary in water and straining it when it turns a pinkish color. They then use this water to rinse their hair and many people say their hair is healthier, longer, and stronger.

We want to know, does it really work? Will it work for redheads? Here’s the science behind this trend:

We know rosemary, at least in its oil form, can have benefits for reducing hair loss and promoting scalp health. Rosemary water carries the same properties and is potentially a better option for those with naturally oily hair. The rosemary helps to dilate the blood vessels so it increases scalp circulation which leads to better growth. It can also help to improve the health of the scalp because rosemary has antifungal properties. 

Using rosemary water isn’t going to give you thick, luscious red hair overnight but when used over a longer period of time you can definitely see some results from it. So will you be trying this rosemary water rinse trick?


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