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A New Redhead TikTok Filter You Cannot Miss in 2023

With over 6 million videos, it seems like everyone wants to see themselves with red hair

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Viral TikTok filters are a cultural phenomenon that we’ve only begun to experience in the past few years. These filters can create new trends and memes and take the internet by storm. Something we’ve seen a lot of are filters that alter people’s appearance. From makeup to hair color, you can change just about any part of you with a filter.

Every few months it feels like a new redhead filter pops up on TikTok, but there’s a new crimson-focused filter that not only gives you red hair, but also gives freckles, lipstick, and lashes. The filter is called “gingerhair&fr by lerrie” and it is one of the more realistic hair color filters we’ve ever seen.

Arden Rose, popular influencer and YouTuber, dyed her hair red after using the redhead filter. She posted a few TikTok videos using the filter over her natural non-redhead locks and spoke about how amazing it would be if she actually had red hair. Within a couple of days, she dyed her hair red! You will see from the videos below, the red suits her and she looks gorgeous. 

There is no other word than “crazy” to explain the impact viral filters can have. We recently wrote an opinion post titled, “Opinion: Society is Rebranding Red Hair and We Don’t Know What To Think.” In the article, we express, “red hair has been trending season after season, but no-one is calling it ‘red hair’, ‘redhead’ or the ever-controversial term ‘ginger’. Instead, they’re exchanging it for more trendy terms.” The terms are: Cowboy Copper, Cowgirl Copper, Cherry Cola, Cinnamon Cookie Batter, etc. Are these TikTok filters causing society to continue to rebrand red hair, or do you think it’s making redheads more socially acceptable? Are redheads finally trending for actually having red hair, or are we trending because of these new technological advances to recreate appearances?  

You decide as you scroll through these videos:


My moms a natural redhead and this is not helping my desire to go a lil gingie 😩💗😮‍💨

♬ original sound – Arden Rose


How do you not just serve puss and boots EVERY DAY lookin like this my natural red head baddies???

♬ original sound – Arden Rose


Am i obsessed? Maybe. Do i have a right to be??? YES! #newhair #newlook #redhairgirl

♬ original sound – valzilla

Aside from Arden’s massively popular video, the filter has been used in over 6 million videos, many of which feature non-redheads who have realized maybe red is their color. Captions read things like:

“BRB I’m getting red hair” – @maria_arbizu


brb im getting red hair #fyp

♬ Devil Eyes – ♪

“WTF this is so powerful” – @miakhalifa


wtf this is too powerful

♬ original sound – Pheecahl Mahtre

“Disney called, they want their Scottish heroine back” – @sabrinajordan


disney called they want their scottish heroine back??????? #redhair #merida #brave #scottish #irish #celtic #hazeleyes #outlander #geillisduncan #lordoftherings #fairy #elf #fantasy #nymph #mermaid

♬ Hazel Eyes – Sabrina Jordan

We think natural redheads should be happy that the color we’ve all rocked our entire lives is finally *the* color to have — and we didn’t even need to step foot in the salon or apply a TikTok filter. We welcome those into our community, but may we ask everyone to start naming it: redhead, red hair and/or ginger, instead of the commercial names? BRB while we get back to our FYP..

Rock it like a Redhead!


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