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Cultivate a Positive Social Media Scroll With These 12 Redhead TikTokers

Fill your scroll with redheads just like you

redhead tiktoker

You know we love to fill out FYPs with fellow redheads.  From makeup to fashion and lifestyle, we love seeing what redheads around the world are doing, and we think you will too. We’ve shared some redhead accounts we love before, but here are 12 more redhead creators to follow on TikTok:

1. Justice Mitchell

This adorable redhead has all things beauty on her page. From self-tanning to makeup and hair, it’s the perfect place to get inspired to elevate your look.


2. Care with Kate

If you like skincare, sunscreen, and plus-size fashion, Kate is the redhead creator for you. Plus, her cat Otis is pretty cute. 


3. Killy

This redhead has the aesthetics down and we love her makeup content and seeing all about her life in NYC. 


4. Lauren Loveless

Fashion, shopping, home decor, and lots of pink can all be found on this redhead’s TikTok account. 


5. Zippy

Curly redheads…run to follow Zippy. She is a great source for hair inspo and overall just a bright shining light online.


6. Morgen Marie

Looking for redhead mom content? Morgen is your go-to girl. With 4 kids and one on the way, this redhead knows her way around motherhood. Plus, we had her as a guest on a recent episode of the H2BAR podcast.


7. Kylei.Ann

Kylei’s account is like the starter kit for being a redhead. From makeup to hair and skin she covers it all and she’s got lots of great advice for redheads just getting into beauty. 


8. Mya Renne

Another aesthetically pleasing page to visit is Mya’s. She’s got all things skincare, lifestyle, and some fun GRWMs.


9. Bren & Pip

Get 2 for the price of 1 with these identical redhead twins. Their whimsical style is so fun and unique, and their curls are stunning.


10. Kate Abrames

Hair info for styling, oily roots, scalp health, and more can all be found on this redheads page. 


11. Meg Gouldman

This redhead says it best in her bio “a little bit of everything”. Beauty, fashion, lifestyle and more.


12. Sophie Anna Everhard

This actress/model/boss babe was also a guest on the H2BAR podcast and we’re loving all her TikTok content. 


Rock it like a Redhead!


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