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TikTok Is Obsessed With Brown Mascara (And Our Fave Is…)

Another 'Redhead Friendly' Trend:

For most redheads, a basic black mascara is the holy grail piece in their redhead makeup routine. It’s the one finishing touch we can’t go without; the one product we choose before running out the door. Plus, it’s widely available and easy to apply in 1, 2, 3.. For years, many have told redheads they shouldn’t wear black mascara because it’s “too harsh”. Some redheads are simply black-mascara-people and some don’t wear mascara at all. But recently, brown mascaras are having a major moment on TikTok and we are here to listen. They have a solid point. 

Brown mascara is on the rise as more people are trying to achieve that clean, “no-makeup” makeup look, and it’s easier than ever to get with a lighter shade of mascara. The brown mascara hashtag has garnered over 12.4M views on TikTok, where users have expressed their love for the new beauty must-have.

We gotta say: the brown hues are a much more natural alternative to the classic jet black mascara; and for redheads, with blonde lashes, it can provide color and length without feeling over dramatic. 

You might know How to be a Redhead recently launched a line of mascaras called Finally Have Lashes.  It consists of three shades: Red-y for Lashes Perfectly Auburn Redhead Mascara, Brown With a Splash of Red: Perfectly Brown Mascara, and A Full 180: Perfectly Black Mascara. Since we’re talking about brown mascara, let’s talk about how this brown is different than the rest. This custom brown (with a splash of red) is rich, clean and timeless.

Tons of redheads are sharing their favorite brown mascaras online, so here are our favorites! 

Finally Have Lashes in Perfectly Brown (with a splash of red) 

This dark brown color with a red hue is perfect for redheads with darker red hair or who want a more dramatic eye look but aren’t happy using black. Here are some TikTokers who are loving it: 


@How to be a Redhead is still killing it in the mascara game with their brown #finallyhavelashes mascara formulated with redheads in mind! I hear they have a big Cyber Monday deal happening now for only a few more hours. The mascara is great for days where you want a little more drama, but not too dark! AD #howtobearedhead

♬ original sound – Molly Katherine


my fellow gingers & redheads, this is for US! I’m in love with this mascara formula! It looks so natural while also adding length and color @How to be a Redhead #FinallyHaveLashes #LoveYourRedHairDay #Ad

♬ Storytelling – Adriel

Finally Have Lashes in Red-y for Lashes: Perfectly Auburn

There is truly no other mascara on the market like this one. It isn’t truly brown, but it’s a light gingery auburn color that redheads are calling “a miracle” because it actually matches their hair. This mascara was created exclusively for redheads and is perfect for a “no makeup” or natural look, especially for those with strawberry blonde or lighter ginger hair.


POV: you’re living the redhead dream where inclusion in the beauty industry finally exists! Shout out to @howtobearedhead for changing my makeup routine forever. Redheads RUN, don’t walk to get the Finally Have Lashes mascara! Available in three gorgeous redhead friendly shades: Perfectly Auburn, Perfectly Brown and Perfectly Black. FinallyHaveLashes. #LoveYourRedHairDay

♬ Scotland the Brave – The Auld Town Pipes


The no makeup look just got so much better for redheads ♥️🌟 @fanny #FinallyHaveLashes #redheadmakeup #lashes #nomakeupmakeup

♬ original sound – How to be a Redhead

Use both together: Finally Have Lashes in Perfectly Brown (with a splash of red) Finally Have Lashes in Red-y for Lashes: Perfectly Auburn

Many redheads are wearing the shades together to get that “wow” all-natural look.


Trying @How to be a Redhead’s new redhead mascara (gifted product) #howtobearedhead #redheadmascara

♬ Strawberry – Prod. By Rose

Take a look at other redheads on TikTok and why they’re preaching to all to use brown mascara:


Did I mention it looks harsh? #aussiebeautytok #fairskinmakeup #paleskinmakeup #makeuptips #drugstoremakeup

♬ original sound – tanika.jaun


redhead hacks 🙌🏼#MyHobby #fyp #redhead #momsoftiktok

♬ Creep TLC – faith☄️

Finally Have Lashes Update:

Finally Have Lashes is new & improved! With a new brush, updated formula + new H2BAR Extension Technology®, curl, lift & lengthen your lashes with a sensitive-friendly formula. Two new shades are introduced to the line so you can expand your selection of redhead mascara. Shop the Finally Have Lashes line now


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