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Podcast S5 EP5: Raising Kids in the “House of Gingers” with Morgen Marie

She's a redhead mom with redhead kids. Hear her story:

Morgen Marie

Raising redhead kids is a special, unique experience. Many people believe redhead parents only have redhead kids, and if you’re a redhead your parents must have red hair too. But, as we know red hair is a recessive gene and can appear in all sorts of ways (different shades of red, a red beard, etc) throughout a family tree. 

For this episode, we couldn’t think of a better guest to talk to than Morgen Marie. She is a natural redhead and a social media influencer. As her TikTok profile of 1.2 million followers stated during the recording of this episode, she’s a “mama of 4” in the “house of gingers”. Her oldest child is 8 and the youngest is 1.5 years. Also, during this recording, she had not announced her pregnancy with her 5th child yet. Follow her on social to see this soon-to-be “mama of 5’s” exciting announcements and updates.

Find Morgen on TikTok: @itsmorgenmarie and on Instagram: @itsmorgenmarie

During the episode, we (of course) discussed what it was like for Morgen growing up as a redhead and what it’s like having 3 out of 4 kids with red hair — spoiler: the dad is a brunette with tan skin. We asked if she gets stopped by strangers when out with her kids as well as a ton of other questions like: 

  • Do any of your kids have sensitive skin? If so, what products do you use to help combat the sensitivity?
  • How about sunburns? What is your go-to baby/kids’ sunscreen? How do you keep them safe in the sun?
  • What products do you love to use for their red hair? Any special shampoos or hair products?
  • We noticed you wear so many different colors and we love it! Pink, white, yellow, beige, etc. What’s your favorite color to wear with your red hair? How about your kids? Do you think about what colors will bring out their red hair when buying their clothes?
  • We love your ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos on TikTok! What are some of your go-to makeup products?!

Looking for some of the products recommended in the episode?

You can hear Stephanie, Adrienne and Morgen discuss all these topics and more on the latest episode of the How to be a Redhead Podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, directly below or wherever you listen to podcasts:

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