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5 No-Fuss Tips for Applying SPF to Redhead Kids

Skip the Fuss, and the Mess!

Redhead kids are super susceptible to sunburn, and it’s important to start using sunscreen once a baby reaches 6 months of age. Before that, you should be ensuring proper sun protection through protective hats and clothing and shade. Here are some no-fuss tips for applying SPF to your little ones:

1. Make it a habit

Applying SPF to kids 6-10 months is usually pretty easy. Once they can walk and talk, it usually gets a little more difficult to get them to sit still. They want to run and jump in the water, but sun protection can’t be skipped. As soon as you’re able, try making it a habit to apply SPF before every outing. Since they’re redheads, daily sunscreen should always be a daily habit so it’s great to get them started early. 

Not heading out for the day? Teach them to apply a regular moisturizer daily so they get used to it and don’t fuss as much when sunscreen is applied. 

2. Use a makeup sponge or brush

For applying SPF to babies and toddlers, it can often be easiest to use a tool that gives you more control. Large makeup brushes and even makeup sponges are great ways to get the SPF applied evenly without making a mess. 

3. Try different formulas

Liquid sunscreen isn’t always the easiest to apply, instead, try different formulas until you find one that works best for your little ones. Stick SPF is wonderful for kids and leaves you with little mess to clean up.

4. Be a good example

Kids love to mimic their parents, so set a good example by applying sunscreen to yourself while you apply it to them. Take turns so they can see what’s happening and chances are after a little while they will be happy to apply it just because you are. 

5. Make it fun

Still struggling? Try making it “fun” for the kiddo. Let them finger paint with the sunscreen on their skin before rubbing it in, or do it in the mirror and let them face paint. Just be sure you apply enough to cover their body and get it applied evenly when they are done. 


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