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Parents: The Vital Importance of Protecting Your Redhead Kids from the Sun

Have you ever seen a sunburned baby? It can be very heartbreaking. The tender skin of babies, children and even teenagers can burn significantly faster and is more painful than an adult sunburn.

According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, 1 in 5 Americans will get skin cancer in their lifetime. 80% of UV ray absorption occurs before a child turns 18 and 90% of skin damage occurs from the sun.

The habit of applying sunscreen should be instilled at a young age. Everyday skin protection for children is essential, particularly for redheads. The same gene (MC1R) that gives redheads their hair color also causes many redheads to have thinner and more sensitive skin. Thinner and more sensitive skin requires more care and a daily skincare regimen is essential.

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80% of UV ray absorption occurs before a child turns 18 and 90% of skin damage occurs from the sun.

Alarmingly, skin cancer rates are rising every year and are now at epidemic levels, even with the popularity of sunscreen use during high sun activities. This is why many experts believe the damage starts when we are children.

Youthful and thin skin is extra sensitive and especially vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays. And because children spend more time outdoors than adults, an everyday skincare routine complete with SPF protection would dramatically reduce the risk of skin cancers as well as skin damage. In other words, daily sunscreen needs to be as second nature to them as brushing their teeth.

As one of the leading pediatricians in the country and the author of the Newborn Sleep Book, Dr. Jonathan Jassey says, “One of the major themes in pediatrics is preventative care. From vaccines to screening testing, etc., prevention is key. There is no reason why your skin shouldn’t be treated the same way as any other organ system for prevention.”

Dr. Jassey goes on to state, “A growing, devastating illness that potentially can be avoided, it seems like a no brainer to me to do everything I can do to prevent this from happening.”

Thankfully, there is a go-to brand to help children — especially redheaded children.

DermalYouth is dedicated to educating parents and their children about the importance of implementing a well thought out everyday skincare regimen. They have created the world’s first Children’s Skincare System – an everyday system that delivers a one-two punch by extending children’s youthful appearance while protecting them from the heightened and preventable threat of skin cancers.

The entire system is ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved too!

Pictured: DermalYouth Day & Night Children’s Skincare System 

If you’re an H2BAR box subscriber, then you’re probably familiar with the DermalYouth brand. Their SPF 30 Lip Saver was just featured in the September ‘Redhead Season’ Beauty Box to ensure every redhead products and hydrates their lips all year long. The lip balm contains Broad Spectrum/UVA/UVB natural sunscreen with Clear Zinc and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Children, as well as adults, should have an everyday routine in place, complete with a daytime SPF component. One of the top dermatologists in the country, Dr. Jennifer Kinder, a Scottsdale Arizona Dermatologist and Skin Cancer Surgeon takes it a step further, “The reality is that most people don’t think to wear sunscreen every day. They think of it as something to use when they go to the beach. This mindset is slowly changing, but not quickly enough. Sunscreen is, of course, something I see as a non-negotiable for all ages, all year long.”

Parents and redheads: not sure where to start? DermalYouth makes it easy. It’s simple and only takes about 10 seconds to apply after teeth brushing. Apply the daytime moisturizing SPF in the morning and a super antioxidant formula at night. This will give you gorgeous skin and a peace of mind 24/7.

Pictured: Applying DermalYouth Day Sunscreen 

Make today the day you instill healthy skincare habits for you and your children for a healthy life tomorrow and many years to come. Trust us…they (and their redhead skin) will thank you later.

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Rock it like a Redhead! 

Guest Article by DermalYouth