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4 Ways Redheads Can Make Sure They’re Remembering To Apply SPF

Make SPF a Daily Habit!

Remembering to apply sunscreen is half the battle for most of us redheads, that’s why it’s important to work it into your routine so you never forget. Here are 4 ways you can incorporate SPF products into your daily routine to make it second nature.

1. Use SPF makeup

Incorporating SPF products into your makeup routine is a great way to ensure you’re applying it whenever you go out. SPF foundations, primers, and setting sprays are all good choices. Just remember that SPF does need to be reapplied approximately every 2 hours so you will need some additional form of SPF to apply over the top of your makeup throughout the day.

2. Apply an SPF Moisturizer

Like with your makeup, you can apply an SPF moisturizer to your body. Make this your main moisturizer, and apply it daily even if you have no plans to leave the house. Then when you do head out you’ll already be one step ahead.

3. Make it a habit

The best way to make sure you’re always protected is to work on SPF application as a daily habit. Doing something every single day for even just a month can help you create a lifelong habit, and SPF application is a great one to have.

4. Keep some in your bag

Keeping a small, travel-sized SPF in your bag is a great way to keep yourself protected when you’re out and about. Sometimes it might be a 0 UV day in the morning but by afternoon the weather has changed. By keeping some on you, you’ll always have it when you need it and you’ll get in the habit of reaching for it more often.


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