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7 Beauty Habits to Change If You’re a Redhead Over 40

Life changes as you age + your redhead makeup routine should too

As we get older, it’s important to adjust our routines to fit our life. When it comes to beauty and makeup, keeping the same routine from your teen years into midlife and beyond doesn’t always work. As we age the skin changes and we have to shift with it. Here are some beauty habits to change if you’re over 40. 

1. Skip the full coverage 

As we get older, our skin thins and fine lines begin to settle in. To avoid making fine lines more pronounced, opt for a sheet or lightweight foundation. It will help smooth the skin and give you an even complexion without being too heavy.

2. Start using lip liner 

With age comes collagen loss, which means your lips may not appear as full as they once did. This can also lead to lipstick bleeding around the edges. Use a lip liner to help keep your lips looking full and plump while also keeping everything in its place. 

3. Switch to brown mascara

If you’re toning down the amount of makeup you wear, remember to go easy on the eyes too. Black mascara can be quite harsh on redheads, so opt for a nice warm brown to open the eyes and add lift. 

4. Keep using SPF 

Sun protection and SPF use are for life. Even if you start getting sunspots, you shouldn’t stop protecting yourself. Continued sun protection will help your skin stay young and healthy longer. 

5. Change your redhead brows

Dark, harsh brows can look good with a full face, but as we age it can appear jarring. Opt for soft feathered brows that are lightly filled in and well maintained instead with Finally Have Brows in Longwearing + Volumizing. 

6. Stay moisturized

Staying moisturized plays a big part in how our skin ages and even once we start to see fine lines and wrinkles, it’s key to keep things nice and hydrated. 

7. Skip the bottom eyeliner and mascara

Dark, heavy eyes will make you look older, so opt for curled lashes and a coat of . For eyeliner, focus on your top lid and keep it subtle to add lift and definition. 

Rock it like a Redhead!