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3 Spots Redheads Are Probably Forgetting When Applying Facial Sunscreen

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Ever had one of those days where you feel like you lather yourself in sunscreen only to end up with a burn somewhere you didn’t expect? As redheads, we’ve all been there, and that’s why the proper application is super important. Here are 3 spots you’re (probably) missing when you apply your facial sunscreen

1. Scalp

Your scalp is super sensitive and can be burnt easily. Applying traditional sunscreen would cause a mess, but that is where hair sunscreen comes in. You can use a spray or powder to protect your part from the sun. Want to know more about hair sunscreen? Read Everything Redheads Need to Know About Hair Sunscreen. You can also do your hair in a way that covers the scalp, like a brushed back ponytail or braid with no exposed part, or wear a hat to protect your scalp. 

2. Ears

Depending on how you’re wearing your red hair, or if you’re wearing a hat your ears may not be exposed, but it’s a good idea to add some SPF anyways because an ear sunburn hurts a lot especially if you sleep on your side. Make sure to apply SPF to the front and back of the ear and the skin right behind the ear where it connects to your neck and hairline

3. Lips

Sunburnt lips are super common in the summer. You might mistake them for chapped lips, but the sun can do some serious damage to your lips so be sure to apply SPF lip balm, and reapply every hour or after eating and drinking. If you’re wearing lipstick, apply a clear SPF balm over top to keep them protected. 


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