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Poll: What Are The Best Makeup Starter Products For Redhead Teens?

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Natural redhead and TikToker @kylei.ann made a video talking about the many direct messages (DMs) she receives from moms asking what makeup they should buy their young redhead daughters. Finding makeup for redheads is tough and if a mom isn’t a redhead or isn’t experienced herself, she might not know where to start. 

For all the non-redhead moms, or the redhead dads with redhead daughters who aren’t sure what types of makeup products to buy, here’s what some redheads recommended in the comments:


brown mascaras & brown eyeliners! I feel like they look so soft and beautiful with our hair.


terracotta/ orangey blushes look surprisingly so good with our skin tone


an eyebrow pencil, I owe that product my life


I also think skin tints or just concealer is a million times better than full coverage, we don’t want to hide our beautiful freckles ❤️


Lower coverage foundation so you can still see freckles


Brown eyeliner and eyeshadow💓


I’ve been wearing burgundy mascara lately. Absolutely love it with my red hair!


Mascara – my eyelashes were invisible and I feel like mascara alone added so much to my overall look

We love all these recommendations, and of course, we would add Finally Have Brows and Finally Have Lashes to the list! In a follow-up video, @kylei.ann recommended Finally Have Lashes mascara.

What products would you recommend for young redheads?


pls comment 💌🫱🏼‍🫲🏽👩🏼‍🦰 #makeupforredheads

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