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7 Things That Happen When a Redhead Sees Another Redhead 

#4 is so on point!

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Redheads make up less than 2% of the population. Most of the time we are the only redhead in a room, so when we see another redhead in the wild it is exciting. Redheads share a sense of camaraderie or connection when they see another redhead because we have a unique physical trait in common. Some may exchange friendly smiles or acknowledge each other in passing, similar to how people with shared interests might react when encountering each other. 

Some of these things have probably happened to every redhead when they spot another redhead. Have these happened to you? 

1. We notice a redhead right away

We absolutely clock another redhead immediately. It’s hard not to notice when someone else like you is in the same room. We see them and we silently decide if their hair is natural or faux.

A study actually says redheads may not necessarily “always” see other redheads, but they might seem to notice each other more often due to a psychological phenomenon called “in-group bias” or “out-group homogeneity.” This cognitive bias causes people to notice and remember individuals who belong to the same group as them more easily. Since red hair is relatively less common compared to other hair colors, when redheads encounter another person with red hair, it stands out to them more than seeing someone with a more common hair color. This heightened awareness of their unique trait can create the perception that they “always” see other redheads, even though it might simply be due to the in-group bias affecting their attention and memory.

2. People will ask if two redheads in a room are related 

If you’re in a room with another redhead long enough someone will ask if you’re related. If it’s someplace you frequent, they will begin to assume you’re related, and eventually, you will have to break it to them that you do not know the person.

The assumption that two redhead people are related is often influenced by the rarity of red hair. Red hair is a relatively uncommon genetic trait, and because of this, people may associate it with a specific family or genetic lineage. When two individuals with red hair are seen together, the natural inclination is to assume that they might be related, possibly siblings or close relatives, since the trait is relatively less common in the general population.

3. People will also ask if two redheads in a room can communicate telepathically

Another thing people love to ask is if redheads can communicate telepathically with each other (which we can, obviously. *wink wink*)

4. We ask our non-redhead friend if our hair looks similar 

Once we’re out of earshot of the other redhead, we’re bound to ask anyone we’re with if that’s the color of our hair. As redheads, we’re extremely aware of our hair color, but there are so many different shades that sometimes it takes seeing it on someone else to know what your color truly looks like to other people. 

5. Some of us get friendly + talk to the other redhead in the room 

We love these videos on TikTok about what happens when a redhead spots another redhead:


Automatic friends #ginger #redhead #dayinthelife #dayinmylife #sahm #utah #utahcheck

♬ I think you dropped something my JAW – Mari


I immediately love you and we’re now sisters #redhairdontcare #igottaseeher #gingergirlsoftiktok #frecklesgirl #redhair

♬ Mrs. Right – Mindless Behavior


Sisters. #gemmacollins #meme #fyp

♬ original sound – ICON DIVA

6. Some redheads see another redhead as competition

Plenty of people see other redheads as competition. We’re used to being the only ones, so they better not steal any of our compliments. 


There is only room for one redhead and its me. #redhead #redhair #nyc #theclique #thecliquemovie #thecliquebooks #bombasticsideeye #meangirls #early2000s

♬ LMAO THE VIDS – Frozbyte


Jokes I just wanna be friends #tiktokireland #irishtiktok #redheadtiktok #redhair #dublinireland

♬ original sound – Tiky Perez


All the ginger jokes are mine not yours😐

♬ Fluffing a Duck – Kevin MacLeod


i be shocked

♬ the real slim shady by eminem – cancel this


7. But really…it’s really cool to see other redheads

This TikToker is right. It’s like seeing a family member!


#ColorCustomizer #ginger seeing another ginger in public is like seeing a family member 😂😂

♬ presleywalker – Presley Walker

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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