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Lookalike Celebrities: The Best Redhead Doppelgängers

The resemblance is CRAZY!

Rumor is on the street is: having red hair is like being in a secret club. And it is true! Redhead doppelgängers [definition: when you look exactly like another redhead] exist, especially in the redhead club.

When “Godless” actress Christiane Seidel walked the red carpet at the 70th Emmy’s, many thought it was Amy Adams. Seidel must know she resembles Adams because she hashtagged #NotAmyAdams in her Emmy’s Instagram photo.

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Christiane Seidel (left), Amy Adams (right)

Isla Fisher and Amy Adams have also both made light of the fact they look so similar, and so have Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain.

Here are some of the best redhead doppelgängers:

1. Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain

2. Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint

3. Isla Fisher and Amy Adams

4. Emma Stone and Jane Levy

And, back in 2015, a redhead doppelgänger tweet went viral when two redheaded males sat next to each other on a flight… and seriously looked so much alike.

Watch these clips below to get a good laugh!

Have you ever been told you look like a certain redhead celebrity? Leave your comment below + Rock it like a Redhead!