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11 Secrets A Redhead Won’t Tell You

We might not want to admit it but redheads do have secrets. While most of the world is sure women with red hair are magical (we’ll take the compliments, right?), we do have some inner feelings & actions most do not know! Some are funny, some are downright honest. Don’t forget to comment below on the secrets you can relate to.

1. We talk to our red hair like it’s a person.

“Why do you look like a lion’s mane today?” 

“What a great hair day! Thank you, thank you!” 

2. We admirably look at our red locks in the mirror with adoration.

How can we not? 


3. We love seeing another redhead or multiple redheads together.

It’s definitely a secret club. 

4. We NEVER want to hide our red hair.

Hats, scarves.. craziness! 


5. We know we are mermaids.

Yes, we are 99% sure we’re living Ariel’s. 

6. We get extremely excited to rock our redhead apparel in public.

Have. To. Get. One. Right. Now. Shop here.


7.  We secretly hope for redhead children.

Praying every single night.

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8. We cringe if someone asks if our hair is natural.

…or if someone questions whether you look “good as a redhead.”


9. We have nightmares of going white.

We don’t want to think about the days of waking up without vibrant red hair. 

10. We dread being called names like “Carrot Top” & “Big Red/Little Red”.

As strong and unbothered as we may seem, it does get a bit old after a while. But hey, why try to blend in when we were born to stick out? 

11. If you were to grab our phone, 90% of the photos would be selfies.

We have to document this hair! 


Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photos via Pinterest. Main photo via Kvikken