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8 Children’s Books That Can Help Kids Love Their Red Hair

Build confidence at a young age!

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Although many redhead adults learn to love our red hair, we sometimes forget what it’s like for little redheads. Often teasing and bullying can begin as early as elementary school and may continue until adulthood. As much as we wish we could prevent bullying, there’s no way to do so; but what we can do is build up their confidence from a young age. 

We believe helping young redheads embrace their red hair at an early age will help them stay confident — no matter what they may hear from bullies. A great way to start building that confidence is with books that have a strong redhead character. Here are some of our favorites: 

1. The Girl With The Flaming Red Hair

Meet Rosie Red: the girl with the flaming red hair. Every day is just one big adventure after another as she skips positively in life. 

2. I Don’t Want Curly Hair!

All curly haired girlies has ever want is straight and luscious locks. But, when the main character (a redhead, of course) meets another little girl with straight, silky hair, she says all she’s ever wanted is squiggly, curly hair. They are BOTH confused and the message behind the book is to love who you are because others are envious of your traits. 

3. Lucky Redhead Rosy’s First Day of School

Rosy is lucky because she has red hair! For Rosy’s entire life people have rubbed her hair for good luck. It’s Rosy’s first day of kindergarten. Join her as she meets new friends and learns an important lesson that tests her luck.

4. Little Redhead, Did You Know?

A children’s rhyme book for redheads. 

5. Where Did They Get That Red Hair?

A story that shares a rare phenomenon of African American children born with the red hair trait. In this story, the children’s uniqueness comes to light as they are encountered by the curious reactions of others.

6. Freckleface Strawberry

If you have freckles, you can try these things: 1) Make them go away. Unless scrubbing doesn’t work. 2) Cover them up. Unless your mom yells at you for using a marker. 3) Disappear. Um, where’d you go? Oh, there you are. There’s one other thing you can do: 4) LIVE WITH THEM! Because after all, the things that make you different also make you YOU. Written by redhead queen, Julianne Moore, this is a staple for all redhead children.

7. The Dirt Girl

When Zafera goes to school for the first time, all the children laugh and tease. But, Zafera does not understand so she smiles. A beautiful story about shining bright no matter what, because our differences are our greatest gifts. 

8. The Hair Book

This super-simple, rhymed riff features a charming cast of human and animal characters sporting all kinds of hair–short, long, curly, straight, dark, fair, braided, tied, washed, dyed–you name it!

More books for your little ones:

9. “A Too Children’s Book – Robby Redhead: What Do You Do When Your Hair’s Too Red?”

In this charmingly rhymed and beautifully illustrated story, Robby, a three-year-old kid with lots of red hair, comes to accept his uniqueness with pride.

10 . “You Are An Amazing Boy: A Collection of Inspiring Stories about Courage, Friendship, Inner Strength and Self-Confidence”

This books includes 10 inspirating stories for boys about self-esteem, courage, inner strength and self-love. 

11. Bedhead Ted”

This charming and funny young middle-grade graphic novel follows one boy as he discovers that his perceived flaw—wild, red hair—may just be what saves the day.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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