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3 Strange (But True) Facts About Redheads

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We know that redheads are rare, making up less than 2% of the population! We also know that our red hair isn’t the only thing that makes us unique. Here are 3 strange (but true) facts you might not have heard about redheads. 

1. Redheads know when it’s getting cold

Now we’re not talking about being able to predict the weather when it’s already happening like Karen Smith from Mean Girls. Redheads actually feel the change in temperature more than those with blonde or brown hair. This might mean redheads are more likely to need a sweater or turn up the heat when others aren’t, but it also means redheads can feel when the temperature is about to drop before others can.

2. Red hair can be found in any race or ethnicity 

Red hair is often associated with Caucasians of Irish or Scottish background, but the truth is redheads come from all over the world and can be of any race or ethnicity. All it takes is the redhead gene to be passed down from both parents. Now, this might be more likely for those of Caucasian descent, but it’s not impossible and redheads are found worldwide

3. Redheads are perceived as “funnier”

Okay so we have no way to “prove” this one…but it’s an interesting idea. When clowns became popular they used red wigs so they could be seen from far away. They still do. Let us not forget about Lucille Ball’s character from I Love Lucy. She was arguably one of the funniest character’s in television history and rocked bright red hair. This images have stuck, and now it may subconsciously cause people to perceive redheads as being funny. It also might just be our amazing sense of humor and personality, right?


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