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16 Things All Redheads Can Relate To

A must share!

1. Getting a sunburn at 6 PM on a rainy day. 

The word tan is never in your vocabulary.

2. Sunscreen is your BFF.


3. When you see another redhead there’s an instant connection.

Is there another redhead in the room? Time to take a picture!

4. You were one of the only redheads in your school.

At times it was hard, but you got over it fast and realized you were amazing.

5. You were a redhead character at least once during Halloween.

Ariel, Pippi Longstocking, Merida from Brave, Wendy.

6. You’ve been asked if your red hair was natural.

The worst question EVER. Of course it is!

7. You’ve been asked if you knew redheads were going extinct.

We get it. And, no we aren’t.

8. Everyone assumes you’re Irish.

..and celebrates St. Patrick’s Day.

9. You’ve been told you have a lookalike.

And most of the time it’s a celebrity. “You look so similar to Jessica Chastain.”

10. Finding the right foundation can be a struggle.

We’re here to help!

11. You won’t leave the house without filling in your brows and applying mascara. 

Again, we’re here to help! Have you tried Finally Have Brows yet?



12. You’re often the only redhead whereever you go

And, you love it!

13. You’ve been called a redhead nickname at some point in your life 

Ginger, Red, Little Red, Big Red.

14. You represent being a redhead in your Instagram bio

It obviously includes the redhead emoji.

15. You get comments on your red hair. 

“Wow, you cannot get that color out of a bottle.”

16. You love your red hair and wouldn’t change it for the world 

Rockin’ it 24/7!

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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