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Wait, Can You Apply Your Sunscreen Stick Over Makeup?

It's a trick you need to know about

Sunscreen stick

Most redheads fight a constant battle of wanting to wear makeup, wanting to stay sun safe, but not wanting acne from clogged the pores. There are sunscreen mists and powders, but both leave room for error and missed spots (which can lead to painful sunburns).

We have the best trick and we can’t wait for you tot know more. Have you heard of a sunscreen stick that you can apply *right* over the top of your makeup? It may sound like a big mess, but stay engaged. 

Influencer and TikToker (@carewithkate) is known for her sunscreen reviews and for testing sunscreens under UV light to show their coverage. Kate recently posted about a new sunscreen stick she’s been loving. She shows how the stick applies to bare skin, and then also how it applies over foundation.



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Over her existing foundation, Kate applied the stick to both sides of the face and surprise — there’s very little transfer of the foundation. This sunscreen stick is the Quick Sunstick Protection Bar from the Korean beauty brand Abib. It is SPF 50 and claims to leave no white cast, and works for all skin types. 

Quick Sunstick Protection Bar: $28

Remember, no sunscreen stick is going to leave your makeup perfectly intact, but if you’re wearing light makeup or budge-proof makeup, sunscreen sticks can be a great option. Stay protected, redheads. 

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Rock it like a Redhead!


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