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Face vs. Body Sunscreen: Is There Really a Difference?

Learn Your Sunscreens, Redheads!

When shopping for sunscreen products, you might have noticed some are marketed, and priced in different ways. Commonly, sunscreen products that are marketed towards your body are cheaper, while sunscreens marketed to the face and body or just the face are more expensive (and sometimes come in smaller bottles). Wondering why this is? Let’s talk about the difference between face and body sunscreen and if you really need two separate products.

Facial Sunscreen 411:

The skin on our face is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on say our arms or legs. This means sunscreens marketed for facial use often have a different consistency and may contain different ingredients. They are also usually packed with anti-aging benefits. 

Body Sunscreen 411:

Sunscreen marketed towards body use is often thicker and may contain fragrances and other ingredients that could be more irritating to your face. Body sunscreens may also be harder to blend out, cause breakouts, or pill when combined with makeup or skincare

What’s the deal? Just one, or both? 

At the end of the day, any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen. If you’re in a pinch and you need to use body sunscreen on your face, that’s okay! However, it’s usually not a good practice, especially if you have more sensitive skin as most redheads do. Using a body sunscreen on your face regularly may lead to breakouts and it probably won’t sit well under your skin or pair well with your other skincare products. If you’re packing for a trip and need to save space, or just want to buy one product, look for one that is marketed for both face and body to cover your bases. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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