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Are TikTok Filters Going Too Far? A New “Ginger” Filter Is Trending

Anyone can pretend they're a redhead with this new filter

Faux freckles, bleached eyebrows and now a redhead filter. We’ve seen hundreds of trending TikTok filters, but now there’s a new one called “Ginger” and it gives the user copper red hair, a lot of facial freckles and light makeup.

The filter has been used over 250,000 times by redheads and non-redheads, and people are hooked. Users are making comments that the filter makes them want to dye their hair red. “DoorDashing hair dye,” said one TikToker. “Last time I saw a red hair filter I ended up dying it and had 0 regrets,” said another. 

Natural redheads have also tried this filter and the reviews are mixed. For most of us, it super-enhances our red color for a fun videos. But for others, it does look superficial with a filtered red on top of natural red. Natural redheads also have mixed things to say in the comments with some saying, “I am frustrated because I was bullied for looking like this for so long.” Others said, “This just strengthens my love for MY red hair.”

Take a scroll through some popular TikTok videos:


Well damn. #gingerfilter #redhead #ifonly #fyp #fypシ

♬ suono originale – •TimmyChalamet•


Umm Archie? #fyp #trending #riverdale

♬ suono originale – •TimmyChalamet•


♬ suono originale – •TimmyChalamet•

What do you think? Rock it like a Redhead!


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