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The Bleached Eyebrows Trend Is Very Popular: This Is What Redheads Have To Say About It

Wait...Our Brows are Trending?


Updated: November 2nd, 2023

From celebs to social media influencers, bleached eyebrows are going viral right now. As redheads, we have naturally light blonde eyebrows and have struggled for years to find the right products to combat our ultra-light brows (until Finally Have Brows was created). So, what do redheads have to say about this? We headed over to TikTok to find out. 

Popular TikToker and redhead Kirby Johnson made a video talking about her feelings on the trend and explained her frustration. She said she was “roasted” for having light brows in her youth. Followers chimed in explaining that they still get made fun of for having light eyebrows, and many of them agree it’s frustrating when yet another “redhead-thing” is trending, just like faux freckles.


WHAT DO WE FEEL ABOUT THIS BLEACHED EYEBROW TREND?! Gingers unite 😂💗 #FYP #foryou #storytime #ginger

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Kirby and her followers aren’t the only ones on the app who feel things way. TikTok user @kylei.ann made this video stating, “Me a natural redhead absolutely APPALLED by the bleaching your brows trend. Please I dye my brows 2x times a week to not look like that.”


jump scare at the end #redhead #ginger #browdye

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Dozens of redheads in the comments had similar feelings:

“Same! Once every 2 weeks otherwise it looks like I have no eyebrows at all” – @mbenn0

“Right?!?!?! The amount of money I spend on products to draw mine on every day just so they are at least visible” – @kaitlynwilsonstyle

“LOL as a natural redhead I understand this” – @average.jedi

Natural blonde brows are a part of redhead life (for most) and although this is a trend now, trends do fade. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so let’s take it from that perspective and have a good inside chuckle every time we see someone imitating redhead features.

What are your thoughts on this trend? We asked redheads on TikTok..


#stitch with @Avani 👽 & @kylei @kirby_j @Grace_Feeney_ REDHEADS: WHAT DO YOU THINK? 👩🏻‍🦰👋🏻 #bleachedeyebrows #blondeeyebrows #gingertok

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