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Why It’s Normal to Dislike Your Red Hair When You’re Young

Of course we want you to love your red hair, but it may take you a while to get there. And that's okay.

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If you’re a young redhead who’s struggling to love your red hair, or maybe even the parent of a young redhead struggling to love their red hair, we’re here to tell you that it’s okay to go through periods of dislike or feel like you haven’t gained your confidence just yet.

Some people don’t want to talk about it, but the truth is most redheads go through a phase where they don’t like their hair, or they wish their hair was different. For most of us, this happens when we are young. As children, there can be bullying or teasing, or just a sense of not fitting in; which can make it really hard to love your red hair. Lots of parents try to encourage their redhead kids to love their hair which is amazing (and this what parents should be doing), but for many, it can feel like all the encouragement in the world isn’t helping.

If you’re disliking your red hair right now, our advice to you is: be patient. 

Being seen as “different” is something lots of kids struggle with. Whether it’s because of their likes and dislikes, their personality, or even the way they look. Finding your place in the world, gaining self-confidence, and becoming solid in who you are is just part of growing up; just because you don’t love your red hair now doesn’t mean you won’t someday.

We hope, eventually, red hair will be embraced by all and kids won’t feel self-doubt anymore, but until then it’s okay if you’re still working on your confidence. It will come! Rock it like a Redhead! 


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