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Miss England is the Only Redhead Competing at Miss World 

if she were to win, she would be the *first* natural redhead on record to win Miss World

The 71st Miss World pageant is in full swing! This year pageant events are taking place in India. Among the countries competing in the pageant, there’s one redhead: Jessica Gagen for Miss England. She is a redhead we know and love. If you listen to the H2BAR Podcast or read, you know she’s more than just a beauty queen. We have interviewed and featured her on our social channels many times — she’s a fashion model, a science communicator, and an aerospace engineering graduate!  

Head back to Season 5, Episode 1 of the H2BAR Podcast to listen to Jessica talk about how she made history being the first natural redhead to ever win the Miss England title. We talked to Jessica about all things redhead and even about how she was feeling about the Miss World pageant. 

Jessica experienced bullying, teasing, and taunting as a child, as many redheads do. She has said in interviews that she wants to use her Miss England title (and hopefully a Miss World title) to show redhead kids that it does get better. Being a redhead is such a special and unique experience, and it can be hard when you’re young, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Now Jessica is in India, ready to compete, and we can’t wait to see her (hopefully) win the title on March 9th! For redheads everywhere, it’s empowering to have redhead representation. Counties like Denmark, Finland, Australia, Ireland, and Scotland have had redheads compete in the past; however, if Jessica were to win, she would be the FIRST natural redhead on record to win Miss World!

Listen directly below to our episode with Jessica Gagen in 2023:


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