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Reddit Thread: I Hate Having Red Hair. What Advice Would You Give?

Loving your red hair can be a process

We are all about empowering redheads and loving our red hair, but we know there are many redheads who hate their hair. Some of the feelings are very real and recently, a redhead took to Reddit to discuss how she feels. In the subreddit r/TwoXChromosomes, a group for “serious and silly content and intended for women’s perspectives” a post was made with the title “I hate having red hair”. The writer is said to be 22 and has been receiving “rude comments” for over a decade. 

The post goes on to say that she appreciates the compliments from other women, but cannot stand the other comments…the comments from men.

She says, “I’ve been asked these questions since I was 10. A literal child. Being asked personal and perverted questions by grown men who know better.

I’m 22 now and the comments have only gotten worse. I have a good stink eye now, but I still get asked.

The grocery store. The pharmacy. The mall. A restaurant. Even the public library.

I hate people staring at my hair (it’s a mix of true red and strawberry blonde). I hate men commenting on it.

Why is it so hard for them to keep their mouth shut?”

The post was only up a few hours before the comments were flooded with other redheads having similar experiences. One talks about dyeing their hair brown and being taken more seriously, and later dyeing their hair blonde so people could “be nicer”. Other commenters say they don’t hate their hair, but can relate to feeling negative about the comments they receive. Many agree it feels “dehumanizing” having such remarks made about one’s appearance. Read more of the comments below: 

The original writer edited her post to say she was “overwhelmed in a positive way” with the replies, and it made her feel less alone. Hopefully, someday there’s no need for these posts because the comments will stop. What are your thoughts? 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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