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Dyed Your Hair Blonde? Here’s How to Get Back to Your Red Roots

So you’ve gone blonde and you’re over it. You want to go back to your natural redhead roots, but how do you get there? Here are 4 ways to get back to your natural redhead roots after being blonde. 

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1. Get a color match

Bring in a photo of your natural red hair, and ask your stylist to dye it as close as they can to your natural color. This will help you instantly go back to red, and your hair can grow out without looking funky. You might have a little bit of difference in the dyed hair and your new growth, but hopefully, your stylist can get you as close as possible. 

2. Try a balayage

A great option for when you want to grow out your dyed hair is to get a balayage. It’s a low-maintenance dye job that will allow your hair to grow out without looking patchy or blocky. Incorporating some of your existing blonde hair with red will help the colors blend seamlessly as you go back to red.

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3. Use henna

If you’re looking for a more natural option than dying your hair, try coloring it with henna. Just be cautious because henna can have different effects on dyed hair so be sure to do a test strand before tackling your whole head. 

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4. Grow it out and chop it off 

One way to get back to red is to grow your hair out and chop all the blonde off. You will probably look a little “weird” while you grow it out, but if you want to truly go back to your natural red hair it’s an option. If you want a fully fresh start, you could shave your head, but a less drastic option would be to let it grow out a bit and then chop it off once you’ve got a little bit of growth. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Picture (left): Co-founder, Stephanie, in 2009 with dyed blonde hair.

Picture (right): Co-founder, Stephanie, in 2021 with her natural red hair.