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Why Do Men Get Red Hairs in Their Beards? (TikTok Is Wrong)

Nope, That's Not Why His Beard is Red

We all know you can’t believe everything you see on the internet, and the latest rumor running around TikTok is no exception. The ridiculous rumor states that men get ginger beards or ginger streaks in their beards due to certain…adult activities. It’s another case of redhead bullying and if any redhead is feeling inferior because of these rumors, we want to debunk the silliness of it all. 

Recent videos on social media have been falsely stating that the reason men have ginger in their beards is because they are being intimate with a female redhead partner and it causes the male’s beard to change color. It may have started as a joke, but some believe it and we’re here to say it’s 100% false. 

First and foremost, the real reason why redhead and non-redhead men may have red in their beards is because of genetics, they have the MC1R redhead gene. For the non-redhead men, red hair is a recessive gene, which means you can carry the gene without having red hair yourself. For instance, if a man has only one parent with the redhead gene, they will not exhibit a full head of red hair because they didn’t receive the gene from both sides. However, since they still carry the gene, they may have red in their beard. 

Let’s spread encouraging facts about redheads instead. Like how we make our own Vitamin D, need more anesthesia, and are most-likely left handed.


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