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TikToker Says Men Treat Redheads Different than Blondes and Brunettes

Have You Been Treated Differently Based on Your Hair Color

If you listened to Season 5, Episode 2 of the How to be a Redhead podcast, we speak about this very topic. Dating as a redhead isn’t always easy. Red hair can be a big point of attraction for some people and a bit of a deal breaker for others. Have you ever wondered how people, specifically men, would treat you if you had a different hair color?

One TikToker named Sabrina Sallum spoke out on this very topic. She has had every hair color under the sun, including red hair. Sallum says the different hair colors got different reactions from people, especially men. 

As a blonde, Sallum got a lot more attention than she did with her natural brown hair. Fashion colors like pink, green, and blue always got her compliments, but the most interesting observation is when Sallum had red hair.

Sallum has had both bright “unnatural-looking” red hair and a more “natural” ginger color. She said when she had the bright red, some men didn’t seem to notice, and some men loved it. Her current boyfriend has even mentioned he loves red hair. But when she was a more natural ginger color, she didn’t get nearly as many compliments, until she dyed her hair back to brown.

If you’re a redhead who’s dyed your hair another color, or you’re a redhead ‘by choice’, have you noticed people treat you differently depending on your hair color?

Watch the video below:


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