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Will Red Hair Remain The “It” Color in 2023?

Spoiler Alert: YES!

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Red hair has been the hottest trending color of 2022. In the early part of the year, copper and strawberry blonde were everywhere for the spring months. Then, more vibrant reds came out in the summer, and we are seeing lots of people going “pumpkin spice” and other darker shades of red for autumn.

So, what will happen as we enter 2023. Will red hair still be the hottest color? We think so.

Fashion Week is usually an indication of upcoming trends. September brought fashion events in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. In both New York and Milan, we saw a number of copper-haired models walking the runway, which makes us think that the red-hair trend will stick around into 2023.

fashion week redhead fashion week red hair fashion redhead red hair fashion week Milan fashion week red hair

fashion week red hair

fashion redhead

red hair fashion week

In addition to the gorgeous copper shades, we saw more “Little Mermaid Hair” and even some celebs debuting red hair at the events.

Get excited, redheads. It looks like red hair might be the “it” color again next year. 

Rock it like a Redhead!


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