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Celebs Are Dyeing Their Hair Siren Red Like “The Little Mermaid” And It’s Okay

What Do You Think?

Ginger and copper aren’t the only red shades trending this summer. Recently, celebs have been spotted with what can only be described as “Little Mermaid Hair”. This look is achieved with a siren red hair color much like Ariel’s in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Kylie Jenner and celebrities alike have rocked the Ariel-esque hair since early 2021 and it’s becoming more popular than ever. 

This red is more of a fashion color than anything. It’s pretty obvious it’s not natural, but that’s the whole point. The color is bright and bold and fun, and a vibrant spin on the classic ginger locks  natural redheads have. 

So, how do natural redheads feel? We’re sure some people don’t like the “fake” red much like their reaction to the new Holiday Redhead Barbie (see the Facebook comments here).

After years of being bullied for having red hair, we love seeing it more normalized and trending in the beauty world. We have to embrace red hair of all colors while knowing nothing can take away from the beauty of our natural hair. Let others have fun, enjoy their vibrant red shades and Rock it like a Redhead! 


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