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Amber Hair Is Set To Be 2024’s Must-Have Red

Cowboy Copper is Out, Amber is In!

It’s no secret that red hair has been trendy in the past few years. Different variations of red hair have gone in and out of the trend cycle, each one with its own unique name. One of the most popular has been Cowboy Copper, which was a more brown-toned red with copper undertones. Well, there’s a new trendy red shade in town and it’s called Amber.

We’ve talked about the “rebranding of red hair” before, and while it seems a little bit much to rename every color and shade variation, we love that red hair is staying on trend and more and more people will be embracing it in 2024:

What’s the difference between Cowboy Copper & Amber you might ask?

According to a article, Amber hair is the addition of gold tones to the existing copper tones. The article quotes a master colorist who says the effect is a red shade that complements any skin tone or eye color. That means this shade of red hair is more accessible to those who don’t have the natural redhead features

But what if you’re a natural redhead who wants to try this trend?

This might be your sign to add some golden highlights and play up the natural copper elements in your hair color. Having naturally red hair doesn’t mean you can’t play around and add dimension. Highlighting natural red hair is a great way to bring out all the beautiful colors that make our hair so special and unique.  

Redheads can add golden highlights to their hair using various temporary and permanent options:

1. Temporary Options:
– Hair Mascara: Apply golden hair mascara to sections of hair for a temporary highlight effect. It washes out easily.
– Temporary Hair Color Sprays: Use temporary sprays in golden hues to add highlights that can be washed out after a few shampoos.
– Clip-In Extensions: Attach golden clip-in extensions to strands of hair for instant highlights that can be removed at the end of the day.
– Hair Chalk: Rub golden hair chalk onto sections of hair for a temporary highlighting effect. It washes out with shampoo.

2. Permanent Options:
– Balayage: Opt for a balayage technique where golden highlights are painted onto select sections of hair, creating a natural and blended look.
– Foil Highlights: Request foil highlights at a salon, where sections of hair are wrapped in foil and dyed golden blonde for a permanent highlighting effect.
– Ombre: Choose an ombre style with golden blonde ends gradually blending into red roots, creating a seamless transition between colors.
– Lowlights: Incorporate golden blonde lowlights into red hair to add dimension and depth while maintaining the overall red hue.

It’s recommended to consult with a professional hairstylist to determine the best technique and shade of golden highlights for your red hair, ensuring the desired result is achieved while minimizing damage.


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