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Podcast S5 EP28: Everything You Need To Know About Dyeing Your Hair Red

Faux redheads and natural reds, listen up!

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If you listen to the How to be a Redhead podcast regularly, you know we did a different podcast flow for Episode 20. Usually, Adrienne + Stephanie chat, then they call their guest, reflect on the guest after the conversation is over, and they end it with Q&A. We heard great reviews, so the sister’s are back to do it again with Episode 28.

This time, they dedicate the special episode to those who dye their hair red. You could be a true redhead ‘by choice’ or a natural redhead wanting to be more vibrant. Regardless of why your hair is red or how it got that way, there are a lot of things ‘by choice’ redheads and natural redheads have in common, and we at H2BAR love being able to expand our community to those who have joined by choice. 

No matter where you are on your hair journey, dyeing hair red can be a challenge for several reasons:

1. Natural Hair Color: The difficulty often depends on your natural hair color. If your hair is dark, achieving a vibrant red shade can be challenging because you need to lighten the hair first, which can be damaging.

2. Maintenance: Red hair dye tends to fade quickly, and maintaining the vibrancy of the color can be challenging. It requires frequent touch-ups and color-safe hair care products.

3. Bleaching: If your natural hair is much darker than the red shade you desire, you may need to bleach it first. Bleaching is a chemical process that can be damaging and should be done carefully to avoid excessive damage.

4. Color Variations: Achieving the exact shade of red you want can be challenging due to the variety of red hair dyes available, each with different undertones and intensities.

5. Fading: Red dyes tend to fade faster than some other colors, especially when exposed to sunlight and frequent washing.

6. Maintenance: Red hair often requires special shampoos and conditioners to maintain the color and prevent it from turning brassy or dull.

7. Expertise: Achieving a professional-looking red color often requires skill and experience, so it’s recommended to consult a professional colorist for best results.

Overall, while dyeing your hair red can be difficult, it’s not impossible, and with the right products and techniques, you can achieve the red shade you desire.

Guests on this episode are with a popular TikTok influencer, Ana Saia, who dyes her hair red, and IG famous professional colorist, Amber Todaro, who specializes in dyeing hair red for her clients. If you’re wanting tips on how to go red OR if you want tips because your red hair is fading OR you’re interested because you’re a redhead ‘by choice’, this episode is for you. 

Ana Saia was raised in Las Vegas, NV with her family and went red a few years ago. She has been on social media for 2+ years now and has racked up over 2.8 million followers on TikTok (at the time of recording). Her TikTok bio reads, “the redhead Latina” and she loves making videos for those in the Latino community who feel left out. It’s also a special time because National Hispanic Heritage Month ended on October 15th (Sunday) and this episode went live on October 13th in celebration. Follow Ana Saia on Instagram | Follow Ana Saia on TikTok

Amber Todaro is a professional colorist and self-described “copper queen” from New York. You may know her on Instagram as @ColorMeAmber. She owns Color Me Amber Studio in St. James, New York in Long Island where she makes copper dreams come true. If you follow her, you’ll see how bright and colorful her page is — follow Amber on TikTok too.

In this episode, Adrienne + Stephanie dive into why each of the guests decided to go red, as well as a ton of tips and tricks. They cover tips for keeping red hair vibrant and what products you can use. They also talk salon tips for going red, and touch on trending colors such as Cowboy Copper, Apple Cider Copper, Cinnamon Cookie Butter, Ice Spice Red, and Cherry Cola. The episode also dives into the specifics of dyeing hair red and what you really need to know. They also talk about what natural redheads should do if they have a lot of white/gray coming through and color-depositing shampoos/conditioners aren’t working anymore.

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