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Podcast S5, Ep2: Redhead Dating Advice with Dating Coach, Daliya Karnofsky

Your Redhead Dating Questions Answered

Redhead Dating Advice

Dating as a redhead isn’t always easy. Red hair can be a big point of attraction for some people and a bit of a deal breaker for others. 

Stephanie and Adrienne, our co-founders, wanted to dig into how dating as a redhead is different now than it was a decade ago, and how it’s different in general. To get all the answers and dive deep into the world of dating, professional dating coach Daliya Karnofsky joined the How to be a Redhead podcast for one very interesting episode.

Daliya is a natural redhead, esteemed Matchmaker, and Dating Coach who has worked privately for years with men and women on their journeys to love. She received a Master’s Degree from New York University (NYU) and her extensive education assists her in working with a variety of personality types. 

She utilizes her intuitive nature and attention to detail to select the best matches. Daliya’s years as a performer, personal Matchmaker, and Dating Coach make her an expert in finding the joy in dating. Her clients love her for being encouraging and giving them the confidence to move forward with exploring the dating world and validating their decisions and feelings around it. Interested in working with Daliya?! Reach out to her here.

As a matchmaker and dating coach, Daliya has a unique perspective on the world of dating and gives some great advice. Some of the questions she answered were: 

  • We usually open our conversations with the question, “What was your experience like growing up as a redhead?” But, we wanted to take it a step further and ask you – what was it like growing up as a redhead, and how was it dating for you as a redhead?
  • How has dating changed from when you first started to now? How have you seen dating norms change over the last 10 years? 
  • Do you think redheads (both men and women) are in a unique situation when it comes to dating? 
  • BRAVO’s ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’, Patti Stanger, said, “Wealthy men hate redheads.” This was back in 2011 and we never believed her when we heard this. We were wondering if this is the case for you. Do some men/women prefer redheads, do some prefer NOT to date redheads? 
  • For redhead women, do they ever consult with you about beauty tips before going on a date? 
  • Let’s talk profile pics! Red hair is loud in proud in dating profile pics. How can a redhead best communicate who they are and what they’re looking for with their profile pic? Any tips? 
  • Do you have redhead clients? Is there anything similar about what they all want? 
  • How did you get into matchmaking?! What is your #1 tip for redheads (male or female) when dating?

Hear the answer to these questions and more on the second episode of this season of How to be a Redhead. Listen below, or find the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts: 


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