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11 Things Every Redhead Has (Probably) Heard in Their Lifetime

Please Stop Asking Some of These

As redheads we get used to hearing the same things over and over. Without a doubt, redheads are mysterious and many are excited to talk to us. Many have typical questions they ask like, “Is your hair natural?” or “Are your parents redheads?” But, then there are the other questions we get asked — some are appropriate and some aren’t. Here are 11 things most redheads have heard at one point in their life:

1. “How many freckles do you have?”

This one has definitely been heard by all freckled redheads. No, I don’t know, no you can’t count them.

2. “Don’t ever dye your hair.”

Every redhead has probably heard this one in a salon before.

3. “People pay good money for that color.”

Another one you hear often in salons, and from little old ladies.

4. “Do the curtains match the drapes?”

Gross. Why do people think it’s okay to ask this? Nobody else gets asked this?

5. “Why are you so pale?”

People always seem to want to know why your skin is so fair.

6. “Is your hair natural?”

This one is often followed up with “I knew it had to be” or something of the sort. Then why did you ask?

7. “You have no eyebrows!”

Ugh, we know! But now thanks to Finally Have Brows maybe people will stop asking.

8. “My ________ is a redhead too.”

People always seem to want to tell you about someone they know who is also a redhead.

9. “Do you know that person?”/”Are you related to that person?”

Why does everyone think that all redheads know each other or are related?

10. “I’ve always wanted to be a redhead.”

This one can be sweet, but you never really know what to say back.

11. “You make me look tan”

This is like the “nice” version of straight-up asking why a redhead is so pale. This is also known a redhead backhanded comment and it’s not always nice.


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